Ami Se O Sakha (1975)

Bangla Movie Ami Se O Sakha (1975)
Classic Bangla movie Ami Se O Sakha starring Uttam Kumar, Anil Chatterjee, Kaberi Basu, Basabi Nandi, Arati Bhattacharya, Asit Baran, Tarun Kumar was released in 1975. The movie was directed by Mangal Chakraborty and produced by S. D. Productions. Shyamal Mitra scored the music in the movie.

Ami Se O Sakha Movie Details
Directed by : Mangal Chakraborty
Produced by : S. D. Productions
Starring : Uttam Kumar, Anil Chatterjee, Kaberi Basu, Basabi Nandi, Arati Bhattacharya, Asit Baran, Tarun Kumar
Music by : Shyamal Mitra
Release date(s) : 1975
Running time : 144 minutes
Country : India
Language : Bengali

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