Sudhu Bhalobasha (2005)

Bengali Movie Sudhu Bhalobasha (2005)
Bengali movie Sudhu Bhalobasha starring Tapas Pal, Jishu Sengupta, Rachana Banerjee, Samata Das, Anamika Saha, Manoj Mitra, Parthasarathi Deb, Joy Badlani, Prabir Chakraborty, Anjana Saha was released in 2005. The movie was directed by Raj Mukherjee and produced by New Jupiter Films. Subhayu directed the music in the movie.

Sudhu Bhalobasha Movie Details
Directed by : Raj Mukherjee
Produced by : New Jupiter Films
Story : Jishu Sengupta
Starring : Tapas Pal, Jishu Sengupta, Rachana Banerjee, Samata Das, Anamika Saha, Manoj Mitra, Parthasarathi Deb, Joy Badlani, Prabir Chakraborty, Anjana Saha
Music by : Subhayu
Release date(s) : 2005
Running time : 163 minutes
Country : India
Language : Bengali

Plot: Raja (Jishu Sengupta) alias Chorki is a bluff master who is constantly on the verge of troubling and cheating people to meet his vested interest and profits. He has only one truth in his life and that is his love Sumi (Rachana Banerjee), a bar dancer by chance. Sumi on the other hand has a troubled past. Her parents were murdered by the menacing anti social Tony and she was abducted and sold to the eunuch woman trafficker Shakuni. She was compelled to become a prostitute by Shakuni until the golden hearted Vickram (Tapas Pal) saved her from the chutches of the criminal. Vikram took her to his friend Mansur bhai who made her a bar singer. But Shakuni and Tony returned only to entrap Vickram in a fake murder case. Vickram was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Tony while he actually remained alive. Sumi meets Raja in the bar and becomes friends, only to fall in love with each other. Meanwhile Vickram breaks jail and comes to Sumi whom he admired secretly. But there he discovers Sumi’s love for Raja. He changes his mind and gives Sumi his full support to get success in her love life and acknowledges her as his sister. But things come to a standstill when Sumi unravels the truth that Raja is a small time crook residing in a slum and not the heir of a billionaire. Sumi dumps Raja. A drunken Raja meets the devil fearing, funny billionaire Mr. Abhay Charan who gives Raja shelter in his lonely bungalow. Raja gradually purchases Abhay Charan’s property and business. Raja becomes Abhay Charan’s right hand. Abhay Charan’s only daughter Pooja (a blood cancer patient) falls in love with Raja unknowing of the fact that Raja loves Sumi. After acquiring money Raja goes to Sumi. He professes his love. Ultimately Sumi gives in. The couple reunites. At this juncture Abhay Charan begs Raja to act as a lover for his ailing daughter. He gives Raja the devastating news that Pooja would die within a couple of years. This incident changes Raja from an opportunist imposter to an honest individual. Raja agrees to this proposal. Pooja falls deeply in love with Raja while Sumi misunderstands him again. The criminal duo Shakuni and Tony come back and kidnap Sumi. But Raja and Vickram receive this news. They pounce on the criminals and terminate them. Later everyone comes to know about Pooja’s sickness. Pooja too comes to know the truth. She collapses and gets hospitalized. Raja, Abhay Charan and others try a lot to save her, but in vain. Pooja dies leaving her financial assets for Raja. Raja and Sumi reunite. Vickram gets arrested after killing the hooligans.

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