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Love Bangla (Bengali) movies? Love reading about the movies from Tollywood (West Bengal) and Dhallywood (Bangladesh)? Need to catch up on the news surrounding Bengali movie stars and their movies? You have come to the right place!

If you are a Bengali movie fan, we present you a website dedicated to providing the news, reviews, trailers, songs and much more about Bengali movies – Banglamovienews.com.

With the finest collections of Bengali movies, from old classics to the latest blockbusters, Banglamovienews.com is the place to come to read about Bengali movies of all genres.

How do I use Banglamovienews.com?

Searching for your favourite Bengali movie is extremely easy. Simply put the name of the movie in the search box provided on all pages of Banglamovienews.com.

If you have nothing specific on your mind, Banglamovienews.com is still your best bet to locate an interesting flick. Simply browse through the posts, click for more details, read reviews posted by us, and view free Bengali movie trailers or songs, before you make up your mind. Each post contains a lot of information and where possible is blended with genuine (non-infringing) video(s) found around the web on sites, such as, but not limited to youtube, dailymotion, veoh and other video hosting sites..

Want more?

Banglamovienews.com is not all about Bengali movies only. We will also talk about Bengali short films and documentaries that capture the essence of film-making and the creative spirit and bring it to our film-loving audiences at regular intervals.

And this is only for starters. We plan to add hundreds of Bengali movie news and reviews over the coming days. So keep coming back, and allow yourselves to either walk down memory lane with your family, or catch up on the latest trends and fashion in Bengali movies.

What is unique about Banglamovienews.com?

Banglamovienews.com brings you quality Bengali stuffs for your entertainment, while promoting Bengali culture to the world. You will find loads of Bangla movie news, reviews, trailers, songs, clips and much more here. As of now there are hundreds of quality posts in Banglamovienews.com blended with genuine (non-infringing) videos found around the web on sites, mainly from youtube. We have put them under various categories for your convenience.

We update out website frequently, so do not forget to bookmark our website and visit us on a continuous basis. Thanks for checking our website and have a nice day.

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